A new revolutionary concept. Academies.

Introducing our Academies, a new learning concept

All classes at Berlin Salsacongress 2018 will be organized in blocks of progressive workshops of 4 hours dedicated to a dance style or theme, for example Salsa on2, or Kizomba, the „Academies“. On Friday we will have 4 Academies parallel, on Saturday 7 Academies & on Sunday 6 Academies. 

For performers (incl. Stargate performers) we will offer a separate Academy "School of the Performing Arts" where performers will learn and deepen those abilities related to performing.

Signing in for Academies

 After you registered you will be asked to sign in for the Academies you have purchased using the SCHED application (details see below). Signing in for an Academy is not a final decision, you will still be able to swap between Academies, even on the spot, though we do not encourage you to do so, as they are progressive units of learning.  Signing in to one Academy allows us to manage better the size of each group and the gender ratio and it allows us to assign the appropriate workshop room to each Academy. 

Additionally once we are getting close to the room capacity the Academy will be marked "Filling" so you better act and sign up. Once the capacity is reached the Academy will be marked "Full" an you can only get on the waiting list. This way we will make sure not to exceed the room capacity and you know what to expect enabling you to make informed decisions, for example choosing another Academy. Overcrowded workshops could be a thing of the past. 

Better results with progressive learning

Each Academy will be taught by 3 or 4 artists/teams together. A coordinated concept has already been created for each Academy and will be adapted to the avarage level of the group if needed. The aim is to have a wholesome learning experience where the different instructors truly work together to give you the best of all worlds. The content and concept for each Academy can already be checked in our Sched application. Just click on any of the Academies displayed and you will get all details.

Master Classes

On Saturday Afternoon we will offer you four short Academies with 2 hours each for those on Master Level. The topics will be: Salsa Partnerwork, Salsa Footwork, ChaChaChà & Semba. The Masterclasses are INCLUDED in the Take.It.All.Passes. Holder of Dance & Fun Passes can purchase the Masterclasses for only 20€. But in order to keep the Masterclasses on MASTER level each interested attendee will have to pass successfully a CLASSIFICATION TEST on Friday from 8 - 9PM. We believe that with those changes we can offer a great challenge to those which are frustrated in regular "advanced" workshops.

The new labelling system

Together with the Academies concept also introduced a new labelling system for the level of each Academy using a scale from 1 to 10, allowing you to classify yourself more precisely and choosing your suitable Academies more accurately. Each Academy represents a range of levels, never only one (exception: Master). For example Level 2 - 5. This means the emphasis in the particular Academy is on different main topics offering something to learn for each of those levels. Click here to get to the detailled description of the new labelling system.

New concept - new faces

We felt that in order to translate our new concept into success we also needed new faces to put it into reality. We invited a large number of new artists, which haven't been to Berlin Salsacongress before, but each of them are outstanding in what they do, each of them has a specific strength we were looking for. Check out the complete line up. Click the button and follow the link and you will find details about each instructor and also a video link for each of them where they present themselves and what makes them different.


The learning experience

Check out some impressions from the workshops at Berlin Salsacongress.

Already got your pass for Berlin Salsacongress 2018?

If you already purchased your pass for Berlin Salsacongress 2018, then you can now sign in to Sched, create your own profile and your personal schedule. To sign in you need your email adress and the order#, both can be found on the E Ticket you got send from Eventbrite after you registered. We highly recommend to sync your Sched profile with your Facebook profile as by doing so you will be able to also see which friends signed up for which Academies and you can perfectly coordinate with them enhancing your experience even further!

How to use the Sched application

Check out the nearly endless possibilities the Sched application offers you to create your personal schedule and to connect and coordinate with your friends ! The video is 12 min long, but if you want to take maximum advantage of this great feature, it really makes sense to watch it up to the end. The video guides you step by step through all features which are very valuable for you and your experience at Berlin Salsacongress 2018.