Academy Schedule

You probably want to know what you get before you purchase your pass. Sure, makes sense! Check out the first version of the Academy schedule. Note, that surely there will be some changes over time but the basic structure of the Academies will remain the same.


The Academy Schedule for Berlin Salsacongress 2020

A new revolutionary concept. Academies.


Introducing Academies, a new learning concept

All classes at Berlin Salsacongress 2020 are organized in blocks of progressive workshops of 2 or 4 hours dedicated to a dance style or theme, for example Salsa on2, or Bachata, the „Academies“. Most of the 2 hour Academies (though not all) will be taught by one couple or team. The 4 hour Academies will be taught by a combination of instructor teams.

Better results with progressive learning

A coordinated concept will be created for each 4 hour Academy and will be adapted to the avarage level of the group if needed. The content and concept for each Academy can soon be checked in our Sched application. Just click on any of the Academies displayed and you will get all details.

The new labelling system

Together with the Academies concept we also introduced a new labelling system for the level of each Academy using a scale from 1 to 10, allowing you to classify yourself more precisely and choosing your suitable Academies more accurately. The detailled labelling system can be checked in our Berlin Salsacongress App.

New concept - new faces

We felt that in order to translate our new concept into success we also needed new faces to put it into reality. We invited a large number of new artists, which haven't been to Berlin Salsacongress before, but each of them are outstanding in what they do, each of them has a specific strength we were looking for. 

Answering some of your questions


 In 2020 we will offer you again a mix of 2 hour blocks and 4 hour blocks of Academies. This will give you more flexibility, not only to choose your favorite instructors or themes, but also - if you desire - to wake up later and come later. 

The 2 hour Academies

 The 2 hour Academies require signing in online but it is not mandatory. Signing up helps us to assign the right Academy to each room, it allows us to manage the number of people. You can switch freely between the 2 hour Academies, but we can not guarantee that any of the rooms might not be overcrowded.

The 4 hour Academies

 The 4 hour Academies  will require mandatory signing up before. Only those who signed up will have access. The 4 hour Academies will mainly be happening in the smaller rooms. Most of the 4 hour Academies will be taught by 4 instructors/teams in colaboration following one theme.

Academies PLUS

 Additionally we will offer also 2 hour Academies PLUS blocks after the regular Academies on Saturday & Sunday afternoon. Those will be accessible only to those who purchased an Upgrade PLUS for 20€ (5€ per hour of class!). 

You can purchase an Upgrade Plus also as addition to your Dance & Fun Pass.


 We will again offer Masterclasses which are accessible for those with Upgrade PLUS and after you passed the mandatory classification test on Friday. If you didn't pass the classification test, you can of course still join the regular Academies PLUS in the Afternoon. 

The learning experience

Check out some impressions from the workshops at Berlin Salsacongress.