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Carefully selected artists

Outstanding performers, great instructors, amazing social dancers

Our artists have it all. Most of them deliver us the full package. Learn in their workshops. Cheer their shows. Dance with them at night.

The Line Up

Carefully selected artists

In our line up we only add carefully selected artists. We believe that social dancing is a vital part of such an event and we want our artists to be part of the social dancing experience, this is an important and probably one of the most relevant criteria. As instructors they should be able to adapt to the different levels of the attendees and able to break down complex movements into something understandable while encouraging a warm,inclusive and positive learning atmosphere. Most of them are also brilliant performers, even though this is probably the least relevant criteria. And we expect them to behave professionally, in the communication with us but also when dealing with our attendees. Those are the artists which match our criteria in different ways:

Salsa Mambo

Ernesto & Denisse (New York, USA)

Terry & Cecile (Paris, FR)

Marco Ferrigno & Ansima (Milano, IT)

Panagiotis & Myrto (Athens, GR)

Gaby & Estefy (Madrid, ES)

Ramè Dance Company (Santiago de Chile, CL)

Adolfo Indacochea & Lorenita (Milano, IT)

G-Ya (Seoul, KOR)

Supermario (London, UK)

Inwoo Choi & Chiara Tofani (Singapore, SG & New York, US)

Alegria Dance Company (Montpellier, FR)

Busra & Jonatha (Parma/Venice, IT)

Franco & Jahaira (Caracas, VZ)

Poetic Motion (Rotterdam, NL)

Hande & Ersin (Istanbul, TK)

Konstantin & Arcadia (Stockholm, SE)

Candice & Regan (Cape Town, SA)

Elvis Sibeko (Cape Town, SA)

OtraDanz (London, UK)

Roz & Rachel (Zürich, CH)

Guateque (Amsterdam, NL)

Johanna & Leonardo (Stockholm, SE)

Isaia & Sissi (Florence, IT)

Jean-Paul & Monica (Bielefeld/Hannover, D)

Gormack Dione (Manchester, UK)

Alicia & Dez (Beirut/Dubai, LB/UAE)

Alexandra Ilie (Bucarest, RO)

Marian Grocky (Prague, CZ)

Sebastian Mamborado (Heidelberg, D)

Cumbancha (Berlin, D)

Mambita (Berlin, D)

Cuban Salsa & Musicality

Osbanis & Anneta (London, UK)

Rohan Brown (Birmingham, UK)

Moe Flex (London, UK)

Samuel & Lisa (Freiburg, D)

AyA Dance Company (Freiburg, D)

Cali Salsa

Susie & Nando (Stockholm, SE)

Bachata Sensual

Maycheal & Mayra (Dubai/Beirut, UAE/LB)

Carlos & Laura (Madrid/Las Palmas, ES)

Peter & Lili (Budapest, HU)

Dominican Bachata

Liza Yelivaye (Tel Aviv, ISR)

Bachata Passion (The Hague, NL)

Gaby & Estefy (Madrid, ES)

Pierre Henry (London, UK)


Brenda Liew (Singapore, SG)

Saori Watanabe (Bangkok, THAI)

Maritza Gonzalez (Puebla, MX)

Sharon Pakir (Melbourne, AUS)

Martina Gojkosek (Ljubljana, SLO)

Busra Araci (Parma, IT)

Silvia de Lorenzo (Berlin, D)


PY & Sarah (Paris, FR)

Saber & Majdouline (Brussels, BE)

Baris & Katya (Berlin, D)


Bujin Munkhbataar (Ulaan Batoor, MONG)

Mark-Anthony Sheppard (Kyiv, UKR)

Octavian & Alexandra (Bucarest, RO)

Special Features, Acrobats & Singers

AllReady (Seoul, KOR)

Duo White Wings (Kyiv, UKR)

Anastasiia Ilina (Kyiv, UKR)

Miss Minxette (Melbourne, AUS)

Danilo Marder (Werneuchen, D)

Spherina (Berlin, D)

Linette Damsted (Copenhagen, DK)

Franck Saurel (Paris, FR)

Rosa Marquez (Berlin, D)

Harold Savory (Paris, FR)

.. and more to be added soon.

In near future we will provide you with more details about each of our artists! Stay tuned.

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