We entertain you.

At Berlin Salsacongress the shows are unlike anything you have seen so far in our community. Watch yourself.

Our show program

Themed nights.

For many years already we feature show productions and themed nights which connect all three nights though one theme. The theme in 2018 is "West Side Story". 

Starting in time, short showcases.

Same as in 2017 on Friday we will have only a short showcase of 7 or 8 shows, maximum length will be 30 min, starting at midnight. On Saturday and Sunday each night the shows will start at 10 PM sharp and will be around 80-90 min long.

3000 seats. Enough for everybody.

At Berlin Salsacongress on Saturday & Sunday night nobody needs to stand through the show production. 3000 seats will certainly cater for everybody.

School of Performing Arts

Unique! Only at Berlin Salsacongress 2018

We know as performers you are looking to enhance a different set of skills than usual attendees. That is why we created the School of Performing Arts. the first of its kind. You will not find this opportunity anywhere else.

If you have a Performer Dance & Fun Pass you can purchase an Upgrade School of Performing Arts at any time for only 25€. Maximum number of attendees in School of Performing Arts is 100.

Learning skills, not combinations

In the School of Performing Arts our focus is on putting across and enhance those skills which are needed to execute a great and entertaining show. We will work on your individual presence on stage, your connection with the audience, stunts, speed & timing, turning skills, body tension, and proper interpretation of the music. The focus will not be to learn new combinations or footwork, even though they might be used to train and demonstrate the aspects mentioned above.

Brought to you by some of the best instructors

Day 1 (Saturday):
Poetic Motion - Connection on stage in team and couple, using fully the stage    

OtraDanz - Connection with audience, integration of body moves

New York Movement - Turning skills, entertaining the audience with elaborated choreographies 

Zunaira & Quincy - Skills needed to execute clean stunts, integrate contemporary moves

The individual emphasis of the instructors

Day 2 (Sunday):

Osbanis & Anetta - Traditional Cuban moves for the stage, Connection in couple.

Alegria DC - Connection with audience, enhance your body tension.

Brenda Liew - Your individual presence on stage, face expressions, dos and donts.

Maria Malakou - Enhance your speed, master easily multiple turns