You can do it. If you really want. Stargate shows

Stargate Shows

We give talent a chance.

The Stargate Program gives student teams the opportunity to show their talent to a wide international audience and make the first step up on the way to the stars. In the past years those shows have been outstanding by atmosphere and level of shows. They take place on Saturday & Sunday afternoon in the lunchbreak from 4.00 - 5.00 PM in the Small Arena.​ The team who gets the most applause by the audience will perform the same night on our main stage !

Member of European Champions League

Your chance to win additionally 1500 €. And to become European Stargate Champion. All winners of the Stargate in the different participating events will go to the finals which will take place in 2018 at the Amsterdam Salsa Congress. There they will compete with all other Stargate winners for the title and the cash prize. Stargate Winner teams will receive a party pass for free for the Amsterdam Salsa Congress and are entitled to upgrade to a Full Pass for only 50€. 

Application for Stargate

Your team is interested ? Apply today and fill in the form. The Performers DANCE & FUN Pass for the performers is 59 € per person and needs to be paid in between 7 days after the registration. Performers can UPGRADE either for 25€ adding the Upgrade for the School of Performing Arts (includes 8 hours of training especially tailored for performers) OR for 40€ adding the Upgrade Academies (includes 3 Academies in 3 days making the Dance & Fun Pass a Take.It.All.Pass).

If you didn´t pay in due time we will give your spot to the next team - we take the teams in the order of the application AND payment. IMPORTANT - EVERY team needs to be available for EITHER day, that means ALL your team members must stay until Monday. We do not accept solo shows for the Stargate program - you need to dance at least as a couple. 

Register for Stargate Shows

Note that we do not accept solo shows for the Stargate shows. Register as soon as possible - in 2017 we have been completed in March.

We entertain you. Breathtaking shows. Emotions. Excitement.

We entertain you.

At Berlin Salsacongress the shows are unlike anything you have seen so far in our community. Watch yourself.