We are all one, wherever we are.

If we can‘t dance and share our passion 

in one spot, then we will meet and 

dance all over the world simultaneously.

We share a common passion

Bringing dancers together from all over the world for a weekend of dance. We won't be able to meet in one spot, but how about dancing simultaneously in more than 20 locations all over the world? Because dancing is our passion and we won't stop pursuing our love!

Our dreams. Our mission.

From our very beginning in autumn 2001, Berlin Salsacongress’s mission has always  been to bring people together in one spot from all over the world to share our passion for dancing. Fortunately we have been able to help building a worldwide community gathered around our love for dancing.

Our language. Dancing.

We truly appreciate that now all of us we can travel to any spot in the world and we will be able to meet likeminded people which are connected to us through a common language - dancing. 

Bringing people together.

For lovers of Social dancing such as us - and you - there is truly nothing which can replace to meet and dance with new people from literally everywhere in the world. It is truly unfortunate that the COVID-19 pandemic brought all what we have achieved in decades to a sudden stop and it seems that for the foreseeable future, events as we have become used to attend, will not be happening.

What we will do. Going global.

If we can not meet all in one place, that should not mean that we can not meet at all. Our conclusion has been to go even more global! Keep reading about all details below. 

One Family. The Global edition.

Berlin. The heart of the global edition.

In Berlin we will bring up an entire weekend of parties, from Thursday evening to Sunday night, all in one place. This is going to be a rather small-sized event with a maximum of 400 dancers taking place right in the center of the city. We will have many of the best European social dancers with us to make sure that the level of dancing will be high and that you will take home the best memories, as usual. 

We are all part of something bigger. Connecting us worldwide.

Using today's technology we will connect us with many other events, other parties happening all over the world at the very same weekend and we will be dancing simultaneously to the music of the most amazing DJ Line Up ever. This way we will dance worldwide, connected through dance and music even though due to the circumstances we can not be together in one place.

Some of the best DJ's. In Berlin.

We are fortunate. Some of the best DJ's in our community have it easy to come to Berlin. Meet and dance with those talents in Berlin:

  • DJ Dimitri (Dubai)
  • DJ Cycy (Paris)
  • DJ The Patrick (Vienna)
  • DJ La Morena (Ljubljana)
  • DJ Wilber & Flori (Berlin)
  • DJ Papapeter (Berlin)

Dancing around the globe - our partners

Most amazing DJ Line Up ever.

All of those DJ's listed below will be streamed at one point to the event happening in Berlin. And those parties will be streaming what is happening here in Berlin to their parties! Check out the detailled DJ schedule coming out soon.

If you feel the urge to dance, if you can't make it to Berlin, join any of our partner events near to you!

Our DJ's and partners in the US.

Join One Family. The Global Edition at one of our partner events in the US:

  • Boston - DJ Rob Suave
  • Friday - Con Clave - Orlando - DJ Koki Lizonde
  • Saturday - Mambo Madness - New Orleans - DJ Koki Lizonde

Dance with us in Asia.

Don`t miss out dancing in Asia:

  • Saturday - Seoul - DJ Freeman
  • Taipeh - DJ TienYu
  • Saturday - Mambo Vibe - Beijing - DJ Mambo Jack
  • Saturday - Ritmo Latino - Hong Kong - DJ Gia
  • Bangkok - DJ Ajad
  • Friday - Salsa Republica - Dubai - DJ Sabha 

Go crazy in Australia.

We expanded as far as Australia:

  • Saturday - Salsa Pura - Brisbane - DJ Paul Ski

Europe. Of course.

Our friends representing Europe:

  • Friday - Depo Dans - Kyiv - DJ Marco
  • Friday - Ghent - DJ Cisko
  • Friday - SalsaDoo - Athens - DJ Panagiotis
  • Saturday - Mambo Love - Moscow - DJ Tirano
  • Saturday - London go Berlin - London - DJ Tuli, DJ Duke, DJ Julian M
  • Saturday - Le Salsa Club - Paris - DJ Sergio
  • Sunday - Mambo Collective - Barcelona - DJ Javier

Even in South America!

Connect with the dancers in Latin America:

  • Cali - DJ El Chino
  • Santiago de Chile - t.b.a.

Don't miss out on South Africa!

Join us in South Africa:

  • Friday - Cape Town - DJ Angus

Can't make it to any of our parties? Join us from home.

You will be able to tune in from everywhere to our parties worldwide. We will stream the parties on different channels: here on our website, in our Youtube Channel, on VK.com, Instagram, WeChat and on our Facebook Page. The respective links you will find during the event here.

Schedule - Berlin

Thursday, October 8

Thursday, October 8

Thursday, October 8

20:30 - 24:00  Party in Mövenpick Conference Center

Friday, October 9

Thursday, October 8

Thursday, October 8

 12:00 - 24:00 Party in Mövenpick Conference Center 

Saturday, October 10

Saturday, October 10

Saturday, October 10

 12:00 - 20:00 Party in Mövenpick Conference Center

22:00 - 6:00 Gala After Party in Tempodrom, Small Arena & Foyer 

Sunday, October 11

Saturday, October 10

Saturday, October 10

 12:00 - 24:00 Party in Mövenpick Conference Center  

Online Classes

Quality event

 If you want to learn - in those challenging times of course online - check out the high quality offer of our partner MasterJam in London! 40 hours with online classes with some of the best instructors in our community. 

Line Up

 Ernesto & Denisse, Karel Flores, Franklin Diaz, Adolfo Indacochea, Charlie Garcia, Michelle Morales, Marco Ferrigno, Antonio & Jasmina, Panagiotis & Myrto, Supermario, Tania Cannarsa and many more.

Save money

 Use our promocode to get 12€ discount.   

Keeping your memories


Our videographer

No other then Steve Starmambo will be with us to conserve your memories and share them on Facebook and YouTube.

Berlin - The location

Ground Plan

Ground Plan

Ground Plan


The Lobby

Ground Plan

Ground Plan


Room 1 - Limmat & Reuss

Room 1 - Limmat & Reuss

Room 1 - Limmat & Reuss


Room 2 - Aare

Room 1 - Limmat & Reuss

Room 1 - Limmat & Reuss


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Comfortable - Mövenpick Hotel

Comfortable - Mövenpick Hotel


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Comfortable - Mövenpick Hotel

Comfortable - Mövenpick Hotel


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