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What is going to be different in 2019

Taking bags into theTempodrom

Please note that due to increased security regulations for all public events (like us) it is not allowed any more to take bags bigger then an A4 page into the Tempodrom. Please come with bags as small as possible and take only the absolutely nessesary with you. We apologize for the inconvenince but those are security regulations we need to follow.

Taking coats & bags into the Big Arena

Please note also that for the same security regulations it is not possible any more to take big bags and hand bags (everything bigger than a shoe bag) into the Big Arena at night. Also all coats and jackets have to be left at the coat check and can NOT be taken into the Big Arena. The Tempodrom will double the number of people working at the coat checks and open a second coat check in order to avoid cues.

Taking drinks into the Academies

Note that it is not allowed to take your own drinks into the Tempodrom nor into the Academy rooms at the hotels. That will be checked at the entrance. Please make sure the security check is as fast as possible by not trying to bring drinks into the Academies.

At the Tempodrom they will sell the water in day time for a very reduced price.

At the Crowne Plaza they will open a Bar just for you where they sell water & soft drinks for reasonable prices.

Make it easy for you. And for us. Do not bring your own drinks.

Those are regulations set by the venues. We need to follow them. Berlin Salsacongress does NOT run the bars nor do we get any share off the bars.

Video taping

Please note that it is strictly forbidden to tape the shows. Main shows, Stargate Shows, Sensual Shows. Please do not try. 

The Academies can be taped after instructors gave permission. Respect your instructors and do not tape during the Academies.

In the Masterclasses it is NOT allowed to tape at any time, also not at the end. there will be NO demo at the end. We will produce a professional tape for each Masterclass which we will share with the attendees of each individual Masterclass.


Heroes of the Dance Floor

Social Dancing matters the most to almost everybody. We made sure that 32 of the best social dancers in Europe, Mexico & Asia are with us. They love to dance. They love to dance with YOU.

Masterclasses with classification

Our Masterclasses are included in the Academy Passes but require to pass the classification test in order to make sure the level is Master. You would want that, right?!

Prefestival Intensives

Bachata Sensual and Urban Kizz. Three hour long progressive workshops Friday morning in a small group. Intense learning - guaranteed. They will get you ready for the weekend!

Movie Santo Domingo Blues

Saturday afternoon we will show this great movie (80 min) which will give you some great insights of the life with Bachata in the Dominican Republic.

Seminars & Olu Olu's Coffee Lounge

Talking, face to face about things which matter to our community. Learn and discuss about history & musicality.

Bachata Social Dance Competition

Show us your best Dominican Bachata social dance moves, enjoy and have fun, make the audience crazy and win 100€ and free pass for BSC 2019.


Choreography Bootcamps

ERNESTO & DENISSE/NEW YORK MOVEMENT - SALSA NEW YORK STYLE. Oh, this is going to be legendary. They represent the New York Style as no others and they rocked the Berlin Salsacongress 2018 with their amazing shows! Exclusively at Berlin Salsacongress 2019, you won't get that anywhere else! You surely don't want to miss this. Info & Registration.  

BRENDA LIEW - LADIES. She is hot, and she is one of the future super stars. The attendees in their last two bootcamps were so enthusiastic about her, that many returned the next year. Learn unique moves and unique style. 8 hours training + 1 hour final rehearsal in 3 days. Info & Registration.  

MARITZA GONZALEZ - LADIES. In Mexico and the US she is a well known dancer, World Salsa Champion, but more importantly an awesome dancer and lovely person. Her style is unique and will complement perfectly the crazy style from Brenda. This is a gain an exclusive feature at Berlin Salsacongress 2019, don't miss out. 8 hours intense training + 1 hour final rehearsal in 3 days. Info & Registration.

The two Ladies bootcamp will be designed in colaboration among the two choreographers under the theme of "East meets West" using the same song and choreographing one big show of the two teams together, using different parts of the song and performing alternating. 

GABY & ESTEFY - DOMINICAN BACHATA. They are full of energy, they are funny people and amazing instructors & performers. This bootcamp will be very special as you guys will perform to live music on our stage! You won't find this anywhere else!  8 hours training + 1 hour final rehearsal in 3 days. Info & Registration. 


A choreography bootcamp challenges you in many different ways. It is not about the choreography or the technique. It is much more about making friends. Expanding your limits. A Bootcamp is pain and sweat and the amazing feeling when you overcome every obstacle. And this feeling when you perform in front of 2000+ people on a huge stage. Are you ready for this?!  

This video shows you impressions of the choreography bootcamps at Berlin Salsacongress for the last 4 years. Look at those faces and you will feel what it means to take on the challenge. 



Reinventing Berlin Salsacongress. Join the future!

We believe, sometimes we need to change

We see the world we live in is changing a lot and after talking to many people we decided to make some crucial changes to our very own concept, a concept which has been working for our events for many years. Our aim with those changes is to make it more attractive AND effective for you to take part in workshops and we want you to take home the best experience and memories.

Take your time and explore the possibilities our new concept offers you

Find out what the new, revolutionary concept does contain. 


Extraordinary Artist Line Up

The New York Movement

The new kids on the block. They took the salsa community in the US by storm and now they are coming to Europe!

Korke & Judith

The inventors of Sensual Bachata from Spain. They set the bar and now they return to Berlin Salsacongress.

Adolfo & Latin Soul Dancers

The Fast & The Furious. No better one to learn from if you love intricated, fast footwork.

Alegria DC

This team from France is outstanding by their elegance in their shows and perfectly structured workshops.

Busra & Jonatha

Looking for something fresh and new, you need to check out this couple from Italy. Fairly new in our community, you shouldn't miss out on them !

Mistura Movement

Most innovative shows in Kizomba, great teachers and unstoppable social dancers. What else would you ask for ?

Check out the full Line Up

Every year we bring together a large number of carefully selected artists from all over the world. For 2018 we changed the Line Up a lot as our new concept also requires a different type of artist. Some of our artists you will only meet at Berlin Salsacongress. Plus the best DJ's. Amazing Social dancers. Breathtaking performances. Outstanding photographers.

Accomodation around the venue

Crowne Plaza 4*

Amazing hotel just across the street from the venue. Only deluxe rooms are left. 123€ per night for the single room, 133€ per night for the double room, including breakfast. 

Book here for the best price.

Holiday Inn Express 3*

Nice hotel just 2 min walk from the venue.  115€ per night for the single room, 120€ per night for the double room, including breakfast. Also triple rooms available.

Book here for the best price.

15+ other options

The venue is surrounded by a large number of hotels & hostels in walking distance. From a cheap hostel with 6 bed rooms to luxury hotel - it is up to your choice.

Click here for full list.

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The Affiliate program

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Ambassadors have a promotion code they spread among their friends or students which give them a 15% discount on selected passes. After they reached a threshold agreed upon when they start, they will get a free pass (or several if sold many). Interested in the Ambassador program ?! Write us an email to berlinsalsacongress@gmail.com

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