Academy Schedule

You probably want to know what you get before you purchase your pass. Sure, makes sense! Check out the first version of the Academy schedule. Note, that surely there will be some changes over time but the basic structure of the Academies will remain the same.

Currently Available Passes

4 day Crazy Pass

Your complete package for a weekend of fun. Includes:

  • Parties Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  • Academies Friday afternoon and Saturday & Sunday morning
  • Academies PLUS and Masterclasses in the evening
  • Afternoon Socials Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  • Lectures & panel discussions
  • Stargate Shows Saturday & Sunday
  • Shows at night
  • Prefestival Intensives on Friday morning

Price: 184€ until 16.1.2020 at 00:01 AM (Final price is 244€)

3 day Basic Pass

Your basic package f you can only come from Friday. Includes:

  • Parties Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  • Academies Friday afternoon and Saturday & Sunday morning
  • Afternoon Socials Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  • Lectures & panel discussions
  • Stargate Shows Saturday & Sunday
  • Shows at night
  • Does NOT include Prefestival Intensives, Academies PLUS & Masterclasses, Preparty Thursday.

Price: 144€ until 16.1.2020 at 00:01 AM (Final price is 204€)

Group option (min 4 people) for 134€ per person (until 16.1.2020)

Dance & Fun Pass

  • Parties on Friday, Saturday & Sunday
  • Afternoon Socials  on Friday, Saturday & Sunday
  • Lectures and panel discussions
  • Stargate Shows on Saturday & Sunday
  • Shows at night

Price: 99€ until 16.1.2020 at 00.01 AM

(Final price will be 129€)

Name changes free of charge until September 1, 2020

You literally run no risk if you buy your pass now. Things can happen until October 2020, we know that, so we offer you the possibility to make a name change free of charge until September 1, 2020. So that means in the worst case you sell your pass and send us an email with the new pass holder. Yes, it is that easy.

Upgrade Your Experience

Upgrade PLUS

You want to join some more Academies in the Afternoon? Or maybe you want to join ONLY the Academies in the Afternoon? Or you want to join the Masterclasses in the afternoon (after passing the classification test)? Get yourself the Upgrade PLUS, giving you access to those Academies/Masterclasses which are happening after 5.15 PM

Can be combined with  3 day Basic Pass but also with the Dance & Fun Pass.

Price: 20 € per Upgrade.

Prefestival Upgrade

 Join any of our 3h progressive Prefestival  Intensives. We offer you Prefestival Intensives for Salsa on1 & Cuban Salsa. Learn in a small group the most intense way before the Congress starts.  It is not possible to swap between the Intensives on the spot. 

Upgrade Prefestival Intensives cost 30€.

Registration - FAQ

Can I sell my pass ?

If you can not make it for any reason you can easily sell your pass to somebody else (name change). In order to do so you simply send us an email with the name and email of the new pass holder. Please note that every ticket can only be changed once (name changes or pospone). No name changes can be processed after September 1, 2020. No exceptions.

Do I need an ID card to pick up the pass ?

Your pass is personal and must not be passed to somebody else. For the pick up of the pass please bring your E ticket printed out (or on the smartphone) and your ID/passport.

Can I take my pass into the following edition ?

Yes, that is possible until the final deadline of September 10,2020. You simply write us an email with your desire to pospone your pass to the next year. Note: a pass can only be posponed ONCE. Passes which are a result of a name change can NOT be posponed.


For those who need more.

On Saturday & Sunday Afternoon we will offer you short Masterclasses with 2 hours each for those on Master Level.  Taking part in the Masterclasses requires an Upgrade PLUS, which can be combined with a 3 day Basic Pass or even a Dance & Fun Pass.  But in order to keep the Masterclasses on MASTER level each interested attendee will have to pass successfully a CLASSIFICATION TEST on Friday from 7.30 - 8.00 PM. 

If you won't make it through the classification test with the Upgrade PLUS you can still join the Advanced PLUS Academies on Saturday & Sunday afternoon.

Registration - Good to know

Promotion codes

We cooperate with many dance studios all over the world. And we have a huge network of ambassadors with representatives in most countries. They get special prices and discounts. Ask your instructor if they got one or find your ambassador in your city and get your promotion code. In the registration process type in your promotion code when asked for it.

Payment options

in our webshop where you have many different payment options including all commonly used credit cards but also SOFORT, Bank Transfer and soon also Paypal. 

Your ticket

After you completed your registration in our webshop you will get immediately send an email with your E Ticket attached. Please note that all registered participants get with the E Ticket a promotion code which your friends can use to get a discount. Travelling with friends is way more fun, isn't it ?!

Make sure you receive all updates regarding the event by adding our email to your contacts. Join our Facebook Event and stay always up to date !

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Become an ambassador or affiliate

HOW ABOUT A FREE PASS for the Berlin Salsacongress 2020? Or earning a provision with each pass sold through you?

We are always looking to expand our network of ambassadors promoting the Berlin Salsacongress worldwide. Now we also offer the opportunity to become an affiliate to any of our participants.

What is the difference between Ambassador and Affiliate? Affiliates sign in for our affiliate program, they get a promotion code which gives their friends a 10% discount and they earn a percentage of 10% for every pass they sell. Ambassadors have a promotion code they spread among their friends or students which give them at least a 15€ discount on selected passes (closer to the event more). After they reached a threshold agreed upon when they start, they will get a free pass (or several if sold many).

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