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Dance & Fun Pass

Your Dance & Fun pass includes in total 45 hours of party:

  • Preparty on Thursday from 20:00 - 24:00
  • Parties on Friday, Saturday & Sunday from 12:00 - 24:00
  • Gala After Party on Saturday from 22:00 - 6:00

Price: 99€ until 16.7.2020 at 00.01 AM

(Final price will be 119€)

Single party tickets

As we will need to register everybody and keep their contact information for the authorities to be able to track them and their contacts, we can not offer tickets to be bought on the spot. There will be only the Dance & Fun Passes as an option.

Name changes free of charge until October 1, 2020

You literally run no risk if you buy your pass now. Things can happen until October 2020, we know that, so we offer you the possibility to make a name change free of charge until October 1, 2020. Or you can pass on your pass free of charge to 2021. So that means in the worst case you sell your pass and send us an email with the new pass holder. Or pass it on. Yes, it is that easy.

Health & Safety

Our priorities

Our upmost priority is to keep you and everybody safe. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we will surely need to follow a number of regulations and restrictions from the side of the authorities to make this event happening and to keep you safe. Please note that we must insist that everybody is following the rules which we will need to apply.

The following is just to give you an idea about the regulations which we MIGHT have to apply in order to be able to be dancing. We will only know shortly before the event which exactly are the regulations.

Health questionaire

We might need to ask you to fill in a short questionaire gathering some contact information, where you have been travelling the past two weeks, about your current health situation and if you have been in contact with infected persons in the past two weeks. We will need to keep this information for three weeks to allow the authorities to track people in case.

Health checks

We might need to check the temperature of each attendee when entering the venue using contactless thermometers. We can not allow potencially sick people to enter the venue.

Wearing masks

We might need to ask you to wear masks while being in the venue at all times for your safety and the safety of the other attendees.

Sanitary measures

We will provide sanitizer at different points of the venue so you will be able to sanitize your hands after every dance. We will remind you regularly to always wash your hands. We might have to control the number of people in each room making sure that the dancers are spread evenly throughout the floors. 

COVID-19 tests

We hope that by autumn superfast and reliable instant tests for COVID-19 will be available. If that is the case we might require everybody to do such test before registering. 


Well, we are sure none of us feels comfortable with any of the measures above. However, if we want to go back on the dancefloor, there might be no alternative than to adapt to the situation. Or else we might not be dancing for the foreseeable future, for the next couple of years, at least not in reality and with our friends.

Registration - FAQ

Payment options

Can I sell my pass ?

Payment options

In our webshop you have many different payment options including all commonly used credit cards but also SOFORT, Bank Transfer and Paypal.

Your ticket

Can I sell my pass ?

Payment options

After you completed your registration in our webshop you will get send an email with your E Ticket attached. 

Make sure you receive all updates regarding the event by adding our email berlinsalsacongress@gmail.com to your contacts.

Can I sell my pass ?

Can I sell my pass ?

Do I need an ID card to pick up the pass ?

If you can not make it for any reason you can easily sell your pass to somebody else (name change). In order to do so you simply send us an email with the name and email of the new pass holder. Please note that every ticket can only be changed once (name changes or pospone). No name changes can be processed after October 1, 2020.

Do I need an ID card to pick up the pass ?

Can I take my pass into the following edition ?

Do I need an ID card to pick up the pass ?

Your pass is personal and must not be passed to somebody else. For the pick up of the pass please bring your E ticket printed out (or on the smartphone) and your ID/passport.

Can I take my pass into the following edition ?

Can I take my pass into the following edition ?

Can I take my pass into the following edition ?

Yes, that is possible until the final deadline of October 1,2020. You simply write us an email with your desire to pospone your pass to the next year. Note: a pass can only be posponed ONCE. Passes which are a result of a name change can NOT be posponed.

Ways to support our community

Buy your ticket now for 2021

Buy your ticket now for 2021

Buy your ticket now for 2021

We understand if you are hesitating in the current uncertain situation. However buying your ticket is the best way to support Berlin Salsacongress. Keep in mind that you can make name changes until few days before the event easily and free of charge.

Purchase a gift card

Buy your ticket now for 2021

Buy your ticket now for 2021

You can purchase a gift card for yourself and redeem the card for all tickets for any of our events in the next 41 month or you may also assign that card directly to a friend or special someone. And if you get your gift card now, we give you an additional 10% discount on the cards until June 30, 2020. 

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