The artists triathlon. Workshops. Show. Social Dancing. Sleep. Eat. Repeat.

Carefully selected artists

Outstanding performers, great instructors, amazing social dancers

Our artists have it all. Most of them deliver us the full package. Learn in their workshops. Cheer their shows. Dance with them at night.

Our DJ's are playing for you

The true masters of the dance floor. They keep you dancing until morning. They are the key for a great, memorable party.

The Heroes of the dance floor

The social dancing is what truly matters. We made sure that a whole number of the best social dancers in Europe will be with us. Join them. They will be dancing until dawn. Because they love to dance.

The cast: The Jets vs the Sharks. When love overcomes every limit.

The Jets

  • New York Movement (New York) NEW!
  • Terry & Cecile (Paris)
  • Mistura (The Hague)
  • Nemanja & Iryna (Tallinn) NEW!
  • Maria & Fausto (New York)
  • Osbanis & Annetta (London)
  • Poetic Motion (Rotterdam)
  • Pablo & Raquel (Madrid)
  • Mi Manera (Vienna)
  • Bachata Passion (The Hague)
  • Gozando (Zürich) NEW!

... and many more to be added soon.

The Sharks

  • Latin Soul Dancers (Milano)
  • Alegria DC (Montpellier) NEW!
  • Afro Latin Connection (Porto)
  • Korke & Judith (Barcelona/Oslo) NEW!
  • Brenda Liew (Singapore)
  • Supermario (London)
  • Zunaira & Quincy (Amsterdam) NEW !
  • Conny & Dado (Graz) NEW!
  • Moe Flex (London)
  • Busra & Jonatha (Parma) NEW!
  • Hande & Ersin (Istanbul)
  • Estilo DC (The Hague)
  • OtraDanz (London) NEW!

... and many more to be added soon.

They keep you dancing. Great at reading the crowd. Best DJ Line Up .

Our DJ Line Up

We don't talk - we act

We realized, that the Ladies are grossly underrepresented in the DJ Line Ups all over the world. We acted. We included in total 10 female DJ's in our line Up, this is 40% of the total number, and more than at any other event.

DJ's - Salsa

DJ Willy (Amsterdam)

DJ Cycy (Paris)

DJ Dmitri (Dubai)

DJ Cisko (Brussels)

DJ Sonya (St. Petersburg)

DJ Duke (London)

DJ Sezar (Oslo)

DJ Tulimar (London)

DJ Kate (Vienna)

DJ Nikos (Athens)

DJ Maya (Hamburg)

DJ Tienner (Taipei)

DJ Mambito (Freiburg)

DJ Joker (Riga)

DJ The Twins (Berlin)

DJ Andrew (Berlin)

DJ's - Kizomba

DJ Zay'X (Paris)

DJ Babacar (Porto)

DJ Ellen (Amsterdam)

DJ Bostjan (Ljubljana)

DJ Katrin (St. Petersburg)

DJ Maura V (Amsterdam)

DJ's - Bachata

DJ Julia (Düsseldorf)

DJ Kasra (Oslo)

DJ Dvoryanka (Krasnodar)

DJ Papapeter (Berlin)

DJ Andu (Bucarest)

Heroes of the dance floor. The best social dancers. Dancing until dawn. Because they love to dance.