You can do it. If you really want. Stargate shows.

Stargate Shows

We give talent a chance.

The Stargate Program gives student teams and semi-pro performers the opportunity to show their talent to a wide international audience and make the first step up on the way to the stars. In the past years those shows have been absolutely stunning by atmosphere and level of shows. They take place on Saturday & Sunday afternoon in the lunchbreak from 4.00 - 5.00 PM in the Small Arena.​ The team who gets the most applause by the audience will perform the same night on our main stage ! 

The winners will be rewarded with up to 500€ AND free access for Berlin Salsacongress 2019!

Now the winners of each Stargate will also be rewarded directly (beside performing on the main stage): The winner of each day will get up to 500€ cash prize (300€ for teams with up to 6 performers, 500€ for teams with 7 performers and more). Additionally the winning team will have free access for the Stargate at the Berlin Salsacongress 2019!

Application for Stargate

Your team is interested ? Apply today and fill in the form. The Performers DANCE & FUN Pass for the performers is 59 € per person and needs to be paid in between 7 days after the registration. Performers can UPGRADE either for 25€ adding the Upgrade for the School of Performing Arts (includes 8 hours of training especially tailored for performers, HIGHLY recommended for performers) OR for 40€ adding the Upgrade Academies (includes 3 Academies in 3 days making the Dance & Fun Pass a Take.It.All.Pass).

If you didn´t pay in due time we will give your spot to the next team - we take the teams in the order of the application AND payment. IMPORTANT - EVERY team needs to be available for EITHER day, that means ALL your team members must stay until Monday. We do not accept solo shows for the Stargate program - you need to dance at least as a couple. 

School of Performing Arts

Unique! Only at Berlin Salsacongress 2018

We know as performers you are looking to enhance a different set of skills than usual attendees. That is why we created the School of Performing Arts. the first of its kind. You will not find this opportunity anywhere else.

If you have a Performer Dance & Fun Pass you can purchase an Upgrade School of Performing Arts at any time for only 25€. Maximum number of attendees in School of Performing Arts is 100.

Generate excitement

In the School of Performing Arts our focus is on putting across and enhance those skills which are needed to execute a great and entertaining show. We will work on your individual presence on stage, your connection with the audience, stunts, speed & timing, turning skills, body tension, and proper interpretation of the music. The focus will not be to learn new combinations or footwork, even though they might be used to train and demonstrate the aspects mentioned above.

Your teachers


Day 1 (Saturday):
Poetic Motion - Connection on stage in team and couple, using fully the stage    

OtraDanz - Connection with audience, integration of body moves

New York Movement - Turning skills, entertaining the audience with elaborated choreographies 

Zunaira & Quincy - Skills needed to execute clean stunts, integrate contemporary moves

The individual emphasis of the instructors

Day 2 (Sunday):

Osbanis & Anetta - Traditional Cuban moves for the stage, Connection in couple.

Alegria DC - Connection with audience, enhance your body tension.

Brenda Liew - Your individual presence on stage, face expressions, dos and donts.

Maria Malakou - Enhance your speed, master easily multiple turns.

Impressions of the Stargate shows 2017

Register for Stargate Shows

Note that we do not accept solo shows for the Stargate shows. Register as soon as possible - for the Stargate 2017 we have been completed in March.

We entertain you. Breathtaking shows. Emotions. Excitement.

We entertain you.

At Berlin Salsacongress the shows are unlike anything you have seen so far in our community. Watch yourself.