Stargate! You must have experienced this.


Incredible atmosphere

The Stargate shows at Berlin Salsacongress are outstanding by their incredible atmosphere you literally won't find anywhere else. Performing here is simply special.

Your chance to perform

The Stargate shows offer the opportunity  for student teams and any performers to showcase their talent to an amazing international audience.  The winners are chosen by the audience through cheering and screaming, which is part of why it is so amazing to perform here. Our audience supports every team. But there is every day only one winner.

Please note that there is a maximum number of spots every day. Once filled all spots, the Stargate is completed and we can't accept more teams.

What you can win

The winners of every day are performing the same day at night on our main stage. They receive also a valuable trophy in a short ceremony in front of 2000+ people. 

Stargate - Basic Guidelines.


Who can apply and what you pay

Every team can apply to perform in the Stargate, there is no selection process other then the limited number of spots we have. Note that there must be at least two dancers performing, we do not accept solo shows for the Stargate.

Each performer purchases a discounted Dance & Fun Pass for 59€ (does not include Academies). Each performer can choose to upgrade to a Performer 3 day Basic Pass for 99€ (includes Academies). 

If a performer drops out of the team until the event, they can be substituted by the team leader for another performer (name change). If a performer drops out of the team until the event and is not substituted by another performer, their pass will be declared void. They can keep their pass by paying the price difference to a regular pass at the time of registration. Performer Passes are non refundable.

Day of Performing

ALL teams must be available for BOTH days, for Saturdays AND Sunday as the order of shows and day of performing will be set by us.

Timelines Payment

Please note that after registration you need to send the fee for the performer pass in between 7 days. Without payment your application is void and your spot will be given to the next team applying.

Rehearsal for Stargate Shows

Please note that rehearsal for ALL Stargate teams, regardless the day they are performing is on Friday from 8.30 - 10.30 PM. In order to perform you must have rehearsed your show in that time.

Stargate Application

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