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You want to be part of a multinational team organizing a great event and have a glimp behind the scenes? We are looking for a number of enthusiastic & reliable Salseras/os which wants to be part of a multinational team working on the largest Salsaevent in Germany and one of the largest Salsaevents in Europe.

Becoming a volunteer

Working hours

As a volunteer you are required to work for around 10 hours over the weekend. In return you get access to the event (a Dance & Fun Pass) for a highly reduced price. We organize your schedule in a way that you will be able to participate as much as possible in all parts of the event, workshops and parties.  

Price for Volunteers Pass

Price for the Volunteers Dance & Fun Pass is 49€ giving you access to the parties, afternoon socials and seminars. If you want to take part in the Academies, you can easily upgrade your experience and purchase an Academies Upgrade for 40€. If you need accomodation, check our accomodation options here next.

Accomodation options

Coming from abroad ? You may add accomodation to your Volunteers Dance & Fun Pass for 25 € per night incl breakfast in Hostel Acama in 4 bed rooms shared with the other volunteers. You can add maximum 4 nights in Acama (Thursday to Monday). It is NOT possible to add nights through us before and after.

Volunteers task: Other Tasks

In those teams you check the wristbands during the workshops, you help out in the catering team, you work in the registration or you are part of the seat management. The volunteer work schedules will be completed around 2 weeks before the event and send to each team member.

Volunteers task: Driver

You need to have your own car, a international driver licence and be available from Thursday to Monday. You will pick up our artists at the airport and bring them to their hotel and vice versa.  As driver you get your Take.It.All.Pass for free and the expenses (gasoline, parking fees) covered. We will work your schedule around the times you are available.

Volunteer task: Special Task Force

The Special Task Force is running the show production and responsible for building up & taking down the stage equipment. Working more hours than regular volunteers at early and very late hours. Physical work required. After the job is completed you will get the payment for the volunteers pass returned. Hard work is required. This is NOT an easy way to get a free pass.


Before you register as volunteer

Wait. Just check one more time - will you be able to make it to the event 100% sure ? No doubts ? You checked or better got  your flight (if you need one) ? If you are not sure - do NOT register. We need to know that the members of our team will show up.

Apply as volunteer

Apply today. Fill in all info requested.

Join our team

If you want to become part of our team simply fill in the form. Note that we will assign your task according to our needs (except if you wanna apply as driver or in our Special Task Force). Please fill in ALL fields, also the phone number - we need to be able to reach you during the event.

Are you sure ?!

Please ONLY apply if you are 150% sure you gonna make it for the event. Please no registration "just in case".


​Volunteers Passes, Upgrades and accomodation add ups have to be paid in between 7 days after registration as volunteer as only once you paid we can plan you in. Volunteers Passes are non refundable. If we do not receive payment in due time, we will have to take you out of the team.